Complete Strut Assemblies

• Offering now over 300 SKU’s covering 1000′s of applications
• UNIQUE product offered based on market demands
• Premium Quality and market leader in Complete Strut Assemblies
• Fully Assembled Ready to Install Units
• Eliminate re-use of old parts for a premium ride feel
• Reduce installation time from 4 hours to 1 hour
• Buy with confidence – ZERO defect policy



Air Ditcher Air to Coil Conversions

• Low Cost Alternative to Air Suspension
• No sacrafice of ride height or quality
• Improve handling and consistency of carrying load
• No sacrafice of ride height or quality




Bare Struts & Shocks

• Offering now over 300 SKU’s covering over 3000 applications
• Covering ALL of the premium movers
• Complimenting our line of complete strut assemblies to offer full suspension solutions for the entire vehicle
• Chrome plated pistons and phosphoric coating allowing for long term use in extreme conditions
• Container program with future addition to local distribution center






Rotor Unity

Unity Brake Rotors

• Premium manufacturing quality with zero defect tolerance is our promise
• Cross-hatch machining for superior braking
• Rotors are precision balanced each and every time
• All products undergo first piece testing, processor individual testing, as well as headman scan testing
• Brakes produced by us are cast iron pieces based on advanced American Standard, grey ironcasting SAEJ431AVG96 material type G3000
• Container program only




Unity Brake Drums

• Equivalent to dealing direct
• Consistency throughout your full line of products
• No 3rdParty Fill-Ins ensuring consistency in product
• We ship containers directly to your door
• Customs and Freight can all be handled for you by our Logistics Department if desired
• Development
• We have thousands of part numbers
• New numbers are constantly entering our market
• You can provide us with a sample and we will have it produced to exact specifications required
• Container Program Only